Bespoke Furniture
Designed to your specifications

From a vague notion to a specific idea, Sonnaz will work closely with clients to realise their vision. From the choice of fabric, the colour of stitching and finish of wood, every detail is considered.

We feel there are two sides to our Bespoke service. The first being the made to measure element where we design furniture tailored to you and your dimensions, whether it be for a commercial project or a domestic setting.

You can even take one of our standard items and adjust the framework to suit. 

The second side is the other end of the spectrum. When it comes to creating something completely unique and out of the ordinary we are the specialists. We believe that with some careful thought and drawing on our experience within the industry everything is possible.

Past projects include: Upholstered cool boxes with Teak lids to match the decking of a superyacht in Gran Canaria, building a sofa into an old RAF fuel canister to make it look like a rocket that you can sit on, to oversized and dramatic headboards for a stately home.