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About The Show

In today's consumerist society, many will sooner replace an object that has succumbed to everyday wear and tear rather than repair it. Countless heirlooms and treasured antiques around Britain lie in storage in varying states of disrepair, and the men and women of the Repair Shop are eager to return them to their former glory. Expert blacksmiths, horologists, carpenters, upholsterers and more pool their talents and resources to restore sentimental objects such as music boxes, vases and clocks to prove that anything can be fixed up to be as good as new again.

The Repair Shop
Series 2 - 7
BBC 1 & BBC 2

An antidote to throwaway culture, The Repair Shop shines a light on the wonderful treasures to be found in homes across the country. Through each episode we also celebrate the incredible artisans, makers and creatives taking treasured family airlooms and transforming them into modern day masterpeices.

Instagram Q&A hosted by Jay Blades

I recently got together with the legendary Jay Blades for an Instagram Q&A where I answered questions, and shared some of my favourite Repair Shop moments.

Take a look at the video, and others on my YouTube channel (link below)